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Bike for xc/ some easy dh

wprost1986wprost1986 Posts: 4
edited July 2014 in MTB buying advice
Im looking for a bike for a any xc and maybe some easy dh to see how is that lool like(then maybe buying another bike just for downhill). I got to spend £1000(maybe£1300) but as Im newbie prefer askf for suggestions/opinions about what bike will be the best.
From posts i saw on couple of forums my list so far, but open for new suggestions:

Sunn Charger S2 Suspension Bike £1000

CUBE LTD PRO 2013 £680

B’Twin Rockrider 700 S £799.99

B’Twin Rockrider 9.1 £800

Ahh,I forgot: It dont need to be new one but its better if gonna be...also I will buy it in a about 3 weeks time so if any time around there sales start, I can wait:)

Thanks so much for reading and hope I will have some constructive opinions about what bike to get:)


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