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Looking for some cheap quality wheels

alexs2602alexs2602 Posts: 33
edited July 2014 in MTB buying advice
I ride a Voodoo Hoodoo, 2012/13 model(I think). 26" stock wheels currently. I've been looking at Fulcrum Red Power SLs but not sure if this is my best choice. I'm new when it comes to buying wheels. Whatever I do get will need to last/be easy to service. 6 bolt disc brake. Mostly commuting but I do jump around a bit(bunny hops, up and down curbs - which as I understand it might be why my rear hub crapped out) and might do some off-road stuff. I primarily use 1.5" slick tyres but have a set of 2.25" knobblies. Because I don't really know wheels my main concerns from my limited knowledge are serviceability, due to the spoke count and finding suitable bearings, and whether to get QR or thru-axle, as I've never used thru-axle before. That's the best I can post with my limited knowledge. Really unfamiliar with anything but the bare basics.

I'm willing to spend more than £100 if it's worth it. I had been looking at getting this model or the XL model from a different shop at a higher price(£175~) but I really have no idea what's a reasonable amount of money to spend on wheels for a bike of that kind of quality. I don't want something that will censored out but I'd prefer not to spend more than I need to as well. I want my money's worth.


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