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Team jersey regs

charvildavecharvildave Posts: 14
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So my son who is a cat 3 rider has changed his first claim club, but will not have any new club kit for a few weeks. Trying to figure out whether the tech regs require him to wear a plain jersey, his old club jersey (where he is still a member and on good terms) or whether neither of these are acceptable.

Does anybody know the answer or how to find the answer please?


  • marykamaryka Posts: 746
    At local races (regional level) plain kit should be fine though if he's racing with a new team that has lots of guys in those same races, it's better for him to borrow a jersey then to race as part of a team but "undercover" (from a goodwill from others in the bunch point of view). No comm will care but riders might complain if he's in plain kit but riding for a team with a presence and influence in the race.

    Shouldn't really be doing any National level races without proper kit, i.e., the BC-approved 2014 design for his new team.
  • themogulmanthemogulman Posts: 167
    Pretty sure if a Cat3 needs club kit. Only 4ths don't have to. Have a word with the comm however and it shouldn't be an issue.
  • DeVlaeminckDeVlaeminck Posts: 6,539
    Yes both the above - it's one of those rules that most comms will show a little common sense in enforcing - if racing with club mates though I would try and borrow a jersey.
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  • Thanks everybody, that is exactly what I thought (but was not confident enough to act on!) and we have now arranged to borrow a jersey.
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