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this is total thursday

sungodsungod Posts: 13,875
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woken by a stray vodafone sms at 3 in the morning, yawn

it's paris, it's sunny, it's the avenue marceau, i'm off for brekkie

then spend a day with people talking about stuff, that i should have prepared for yesterday but was sidetracked by the corporate equivalent of isis (and i don't mean the egyptian deity), meh

increasingly i see bottom bracket as a haven from the outside world
my bike - faster than god's and twice as shiny


  • team47bteam47b Posts: 6,424
    Total silence and one chicken.
    my isetta is a 300cc bike
  • sungodsungod Posts: 13,875
    and cats, must be lovely
    my bike - faster than god's and twice as shiny
  • simonheadsimonhead Posts: 1,399
    Doorbell rings at 6.30 this morning, delivery from Amazon of new smoothie maker thing, wife insists we try it there and then. She then rejects the smoothie cos i put oats into it.

    Nonsuch park wonderfully peaceful but still no sign of dutch bike girl. Get in to work and realise we are out of water for the cooler, this is a problem but not a massive one, bigger issue is lack of cups. Mild panic sets in as Costa and Starbucks have both closed down in the last few weeks.

    Need coffee......rescued by a colleague calling in saying he is at Neros.
    Life isnt like a box of chocolates, its like a bag of pic n mix.
  • team47bteam47b Posts: 6,424
    sungod wrote:
    and cats, must be lovely

    Just took this photo of BB (mother cat) sleeping on the bed after a tiring breakfast...

    my isetta is a 300cc bike
  • Stevo_666Stevo_666 Posts: 47,057
    Junior has just been despatched in her school trip to France until Saturday night. Knackered due to having to get up early and drop her off but will get a payback in nearly 3 days of peace - apart from work.

    sungod, watch out as there are 160 squawking 12 year olds headed your way.
    "I spent most of my money on birds, booze and fast cars: the rest of it I just squandered." [George Best]
  • FlâneurFlâneur Posts: 3,081
    Simon, Paris is always a good idea. horses ridden, now waiting for the vet to open to take the hound in. After that I should probably go buy a ticket to see the better half.

    I don't believe this dutch lass exists anymore :(

    Also amused by FIFA with the Suarez indecision
    Stevo 666 wrote: Come on you Scousers! 20/12/2014
  • veronese68veronese68 Posts: 24,808 Lives Here
    Morning all,
    mildly hungover, as is traditional for my Thursdays, but it's a nice day and I enjoyed the slow ride in. Had the final pay out confirmed after my accident nearly 2 years ago, about time too just got to wait for the cheque to turn up. Now convincing the EPO I need 2 new bikes.
  • MatthewfalleMatthewfalle Posts: 17,380
    Kids dropped off, sun shining, quick perusal on here then off for a quick 50 on the good bike.

    Make a curry for lunch to quaff in the sun, bit of weights, then see where the days goes before corvee domestique and corvee familiale.
    Postby team47b » Sun Jun 28, 2015 11:53 am

    De Sisti wrote:
    This is one of the silliest threads I've come across. :lol:

    Recognition at last Matthew, well done!, a justified honour :D
    smithy21 wrote:

    He's right you know.
  • arran77arran77 Posts: 9,260
    Slightly sore legs here after last nights running shenanigans but I think I'm making some progress with it.

    Today will consist of meh at work and seeing if you lot can figure out what the mystery object is that I posted a picture of yesterday :lol:
    "Arran, you are like the Tony Benn of smut. You have never diluted your depravity and always stand by your beliefs. You have my respect sir and your wife my pity" :lol:

  • homers_doublehomers_double Posts: 7,006
    Rejected the alarms atempt at getting me up at 5.30am for a ride this morning. I might handle a few helmets at lunch though then home for mechanical shenanigans and making dinner.
    Advocate of disc brakes.
  • southdownswolfsouthdownswolf Posts: 1,514
    Wuk done until next Wednesday :-D

    150mile ride coast to coast on Saturday to look forward to. cycle.gif
  • sungodsungod Posts: 13,875
    Stevo 666 wrote:
    sungod, watch out as there are 160 squawking 12 year olds headed your way.

    probably better than the thousand hot smelly people i just encountered on the metro after foolishly going along with my french associates instead of saying au revoir and getting a non-egalitarian taxi

    to recover i had a steak tartare and two pelforth blondes, checked in early planning to eat all les petit madelines in the eurostar lounge, but there are none! pas de madelines!

    first the godiva chocs, now the madelines, surely the end of days cannot be far off

    /words fail me at this point
    my bike - faster than god's and twice as shiny
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