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Kona Unit

wilkij1975wilkij1975 Posts: 525
edited June 2014 in MTB buying advice
I'm thinking of trying the single speed, rigid 29er thing and wanted a bike that I could use gears and suss fork with if I didn't like it. Now the Unit looks like it comes with a mech hanger and cable stops but was wondering about changing forks. It doesn't say it's geometry is corrected for a suss fork and looks as though it has a 44mm head tube so might be able to take a tapered fork.

Anyone any experience of these and what can be done with them?


  • BigStu2BigStu2 Posts: 794
    I've got the 2014 model and I'd say its the sleeper model that everybody should be out riding but hardly anyone is.
    You'll climb faster and learn more about riding after 1 month on this than any other bike you'll ever own.
    A lot of people say ride a hardtail to hone your skills, nah this thing hones skills :)
    I've upgraded the brakes to XTR's, but did have a set of SLX's on before that, hard presesd to tell the difference between the two but they feel so much nicer than the mechanical discs.
    The wheels are tubeless ready ( already taped) but youll need TL tyres and a trip to the servo to pump them up, I tried to inflate the standard Maxis tyres but it didnt work at all. Running a set of Schwalbe racing ralph evos now and the 2.25's are huge and at around 2 bar they float over everything.
    Have just fitted a carbon Easton Haven bar which has muted the front end even more, just wish is was as wide as the standard bar which I think is one of the most comfortable bars I have used but did allow a lot of vibration through, not to mention it is heavy but I didnt realise that till I grabbed them side by side so if you never fit a carbon bar it wont matter at all :)
    Should you fit a sus fork, I dont think it needs one, you'll float over most of what you think you need a fork for and not having one helps you blast uphill anyway. Standard chain replaced after 800km. The only problem was the chainring bolts loosend off, and the front wheel comes with very little grease on the bearings.
    So thats it, after 8 months its still going strong while my Gyro is waiting for its fork to return from a service......
  • wilkij1975wilkij1975 Posts: 525
    Cheers for the reply. It's something I've wanted to try for a while but will be a massive difference coming off a 26in Stumpy FSR!
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