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Graham88Graham88 Posts: 6
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My first post here, been reading a fair bit after deciding to retire my 7yr old hardtail and build a shiny new full suspension bike. I learned a whole lot in building it and pretty chuffed how it turned out.





Comments and criticisms welcome.


  • CqcCqc Posts: 951
    Nice bike, HOWEVER the cable routing is terrible, the red brake levers etc, are absurd, and you got the xxi cracks and not the actual gears, which is really pointless as the creeks aren't that great
  • Posts: 4,067
    I came within a whisker of hitting the buy button on an EG but went for the Votec at the 11th hour. Still like the look of the EG's though.

    Now we all know they have p1ss poor cable routing but you have taken it to another level! What the hell's going on around your stem/top tube?...looks like the back of my telly! :lol:

    What handlebar have you got on there?
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  • Graham88Graham88 Posts: 6
    Its a CB Iodine 11.

    When I bought the wheels there wasn't a SRAM driver body that I could find, but was assured that a compatible one was in development; which I have my eye on but since riding it as is I'm not sure I see the need any more.

    As for the cables, I'm a messy person and I can't see it when I'm riding it. I have spent a bit of my career wiring electrical panels when I was an apprentice, so could have put more effort in, but didn't; and probably wont lol. :shock:

    Whilst on that subject, the lack of cage bosses on the frame led me to discover my crow's nest actually holds a litre pretty good. :D

    I saw your thread that's a nice bike.
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