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Saaarf eeeeeast! (London) - route advice

keyser__sozekeyser__soze Posts: 2,066
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Need some route advice from the south east lot. Off to down near Honor Oak Park tonight from Tower Bridge (well, the Wharf technically, but I ain't walking through no tunnel), and the obvious route goes via Nunhead. Does anyone do this or similar?

Wondering what's better out of these options: Tower Bridge Road and OKR or Jamaica Rd then St James's Road?
After that was thinking either Asylum Road/Hollydale Rd or Pomeroy St/Lausanne Rd to Nunhead?
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  • hegyestomihegyestomi Posts: 504
    I usually take OKR as J road is almost always packed and blocked.
    Get over Tower bridge, straight down to the OKR roundabout, turn left, straight to the end (OKR and New Kent Road's junction), here you need to get to the other side and straight up on Peeps road (nice climb). Carry on till the end (through Avignon road) , join in to ST. Norbert and at the end you have a choice of left or right, depending where you going around Honor Oak.
    OKR usually pretty fast if you go when the bus lanes are operational (4-7PM)
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