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Lapierre Zesty e:i shock advice please

jonnylowesjonnylowes Posts: 3
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I'm a forum newbie :roll: (please go gentle :oops: ) and I'm just looking for a bit of advice. I've got a Lapierre Zesty 714 e:i (2013 purchased 2nd hand)

The issues as I see it:
I've got water settling in the bottom bracket which is making the sensors held within the b.b. short-circuit. Previously, it had completely shorted out and wouldn't register any function (speed/cadence/distance etc). After conducting some fault finding (replacing/charging batteries, checking the computer connection points were free from corrosion) I'd taken the frame plugs out, loosened the battery pack wiped clean the cables and left it in the house to dry out. It worked okay until the next ride.

Now most of the functions are working, apart from the cadence sensor, meaning the "Auto" function doesn't work; it doesn't register the cadence turn-over or lock the suspension out when peddling.

My attempt at fixing it:
I just think I need to open up the b.b. and can the unit out. Having read the Zesty e:i assembly/disassembley instructions I decided last night to remove the crankset and b.b., which was fine only to find the bearings are the cassette type and must be pressed into the bottom bracket? I didn't fancy removing them myself, I'm guessing the home-fix removal is by knocking them out with a hammer/blunt instrument or simmilar? Didn't fancy this. Some one also said "just remove the seatpost" and leave it upside-down to drain. Great idea, but I've got a dropper, is this easy enough to remove/the thing to do?

So what I'm asking:
1. Is my suspected fault the likely cause?
2. Anyone got any ideas to sort it out?
3. Do I just bite the bullet and take it to the nearest Lapierre dealer (I picked the bike up from nr. South End, which is where the receipt shows the bike to have originated from. I'm from Newcastle Upon Tyne so taking it back to the original shop isn't really a goer)?
4.The bike and the e:i shock are great when its working, but its a bit of a pain having to sort it out after every ride, it would be nice just to get it working without any issues.
5. Has anybody else had/sorted these issues out?

Hopefully that'll make sense, your advice appreciated.


  • RockmonkeySCRockmonkeySC Posts: 15,247
    This is why electronic stuff on mountain bikes is a stupid idea.
    Clean all the connections and check wires for damage.
    It sounds like you have a press fit bottom bracket (another stupid idea) take it to any good bike shop to get it removed. A dropper post is easy to remove, just be careful with the cables as you pull it out.
  • BigStu2BigStu2 Posts: 794
    Grease the seatpost so it helps prevent water ingress there and maybe a little silicone on the cables where they penetrate the frame, check the BB bearings now that they've been exposed to water might be time to replace them as well.
  • This is why electronic stuff on mountain bikes is a stupid idea.

    So you're not a fan? :lol:

    I'd guess that if I was giving it to a shop to remove the bearing cassettes, they might as well do the whole job.
  • I tend to like being able to fix my own bikes. Its hard enough to convince the Mrs to let me buy expensive bikes and a constant stream of parts tyres etc but if I had to pay for regular bike / bearing / suspension maintenance she would flip!

    That said I would advise first off that you contact Hotlines U.K and explain to them your predicament. I'm guessing that any guarantee only covers the original owner but you never know they might help you get it sorted out (remember they will hold sway with your local lapierre dealer and may be able to make them do a free repair)

    If that fails I would go down the route of paying the dealer to sort it out and I would make sure you get either the repairs guaranteed against water ingress (for a given period of time) or get shown how to carry out the maintenance myself so next time it happens I could fix it for free.

    Personally I am dying to ride an E:i bike and think the current Spicy team looks AWESOME!!!
    That said I am planning on letting the technology become more refined before I invest in it.
    Bets of luck.
    Yeti SB66c 2013
  • Two dealers in your area:
    Start Cycles
    Unit 3 C, Admiral Buisness Park
    NE23 1WG Cramlington
    Tel : 1670700041
    Site web :

    Team Cycles
    The Big Yellow Building, Studio 1B, Second Avenue, Team Valley Trading Esate
    NE11 0NF Gateshead
    Tel : 0191 497 0707

    Maybe worth contacting one/both of these and see what the issue is and whether it is common and what can be done.

    I have the same E:i system on my Ghost Cagua and it has been trouble free despite it's rough treatment by me. It is uncannily acurate in it's choices in auto mode which is especially useful to me as I tend to ride new places whenever I can on some pretty changeable terrain. Not knowing whats around the corner or if there is anything around the corner. It means I don't need to be thinking about what my best setup should be.

    I am really impressed with it but it does make for some messy looking wiring at the front.
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