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Trek domane 4.5 headset bearings

riddonriddon Posts: 21
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I'm trying to work out which lower headset bearing to order for my 2013 Trek Domane 4.5. I have contacted the shop where I bought it and they quoted me £110 for a bearing set which seems outrageous. The headset is FSA. Bearing diameter 40mm inside, 51mm outside and 6mm deep as far as I can measure with chamfers outside top and inside bottom. Can anyone supply a part number and where to get one from?


  • mcw1965mcw1965 Posts: 16
    did you have any luck in finding the right bearing as I'm after one myself
  • iron-cloveriron-clover Posts: 737
    Possibly try a different shop?
    I've had a quick look at the specs for the 4.5 (2014 model) which says it has a 1-1/8" top, 1.5" bottom headset for tapered forks. A quick search brings up a few options that are a lot cheaper (although admittedly the RRP might be a bit more than the online prices).

    But if you're looking for a very low headset you might have to pay a little more. I personally wouldn't want to fit/ remove press fit headsets myself in case I damaged the frame...

    Another option if you just want the new headset to put the handlebars lower is to find a stem with an aggressive angle to it instead of having to faff with the headset.
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