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Specialized x 2 (Camber and Carve)

Super DeeSuper Dee Posts: 75
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Here are my two from the Big S.

Both pics shot during a back to back ride after making a few tweaks (mainly involving removing the bar ends I'd had on the Carve and trying different psi in the Camber)

2012 Camber Expert 26er with the following mods:
Charge Spoon (now on it's 3rd mtb!)*, Nukeproof Electron pedals, RaceFace Chester 50mm stem, Renthal FatBar lite's, a Spesh E cage and xc lock on grips, Lizard Skin carbon look chainstay protector on the inside (non-drivetrain) chainstay to prevent rear brake cable rub.
*Also a temp seat collar as I've put the Q/R on my wife's mtb.


2013 Carve Expert 29er which is pretty stock, although I have added: Nukeproof Electron pedals, Spesh rib cage and xc lock on grips, Lizard skins chainstay protector, Sram Garmin mount and Thomson seat collar.



  • andrepepeandrepepe Posts: 35
    Nice rides!
    Actual ride: Kona Satori 2012
    Custom Kona Dew Plus 2008

    Previous rides:
    - Giant Rapid One (Broken in a accident)
    - Scott Genius MC40 (Stolen)
    - Orange Sub-Five (Broke the frame)
    - Orange G3 (Sold)
    - Orange Crush (Sold)
  • CqcCqc Posts: 951
    Very swish, good you got the camber before it became a 29er
  • Super DeeSuper Dee Posts: 75
    Thanks guys.

    I went for the Camber 26er as the reviews were so good. I did prefer the colour of the Elite model but this was such a bargain for the spec I couldn't resist and the colour has grown on me.

    Having got the Camber, I got injured and spent a few months off the bike so am still playing around for the right set up with the rear shock. Hopefully got it right now but next ride will tell. The mods I've made were to dial up the trail content and dial down the xc (using the terms that Spesh described it with)

    I bought the Carve as a 'grab and go' bike. I nearly got the Rockhopper Pro but the deal was OK on the Carve plus it was much lighter. It is fun to ride and taking the bar ends off was like gaining 50mm wider bars which meant chucking it around in the singletrack was even more fun than before.

    I'll try and add other pics in future. Also maybe some of the families Big S models if anyone is interested.
  • rhysdukrhysduk Posts: 138
    Terrible pictures :D what possessed you to take them at that angle?
    PP Shan & Intense SS2
  • Super DeeSuper Dee Posts: 75
    Thanks mate :lol:

    I'd love to give some arty reason but truth be told the trail is narrow and drops away steeply, over roots, just after that so I stopped for a drink and used my phone!

    I'm not really one for photography but will take some better pics!
  • Super DeeSuper Dee Posts: 75
    Other than being pre-seat clamp swap, here is another I found on my phone of the Camber. Only got bar end equipped pics of Carve for now.

  • Super DeeSuper Dee Posts: 75
    So a couple of updates of minor proportions but it gives me an excuse to post another couple of pictures! The thread has had a fair few views so despite only a few comments hopefully it is of interest.

    The Camber now has a Thomson seat collar to match the Carve and I've swapped the E cage with the Zee cage side loader that was on my wife's bike because I'm always tinkering!

    Anyway, here are up to date pics of the Carve, taken from a gentle xc ride we did over the weekend with my teenage son.



    My son's bike is 2012 Hardrock Disc. The additional bits are rib cage (free with bike), moved over from his previous bike were the chainstay protector and his all imporant MBUK valve caps :lol: The rest of the changes came from the parts stock at home!
    Of more note, the white grips with red lock rings (that match the stock hubs, stem face plate and Q/R so well) were on my father's KHS, along with the WTB Volt saddle. My dad removed them before ever riding the bike so they went straight on the HR.
    Also, I had some Kona Wah Wah pedals from my previous hardtail which we added. Then the stock tyres (2 punctures in 2 rides in the sidewalls) were replaced with Maxxis High Roller's in 2.35" flavour. They aren't the widest 2.35 tyres you can find but anyway the clearance is fine.
    The stock bars were steel ones and felt like they were hewn from stone! So again, a pair of Easton EA30's from the parts bin went on (685mm).

    That is it for now. I can post up the pics of the hardtails my wife and daughter have another time.

    Anyone else out there have a family fleet?
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