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Storage sheds

PatBoySlimPatBoySlim Posts: 16
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I'm after a storage shed with No windows to store some inexpensive bikes and garden furniture in (so expensive bikes can stay in brick outhouse) size 8x6. Seen a few online described as security sheds for £210 but they class anything without a window as security ? Reading reviews they were nothing more than fence panels bolted together !

Can anyone recommend a solid shed ?


  • cyberknightcyberknight Posts: 1,238
    Without spending a lot more your not going to get much better, if you decide on the wooden style make sure its tongue and groove rather than over lap .
    You can beef the security up by adding extra brackets so the roof / side panels are more secure or as i am planning chicken wire inside , if the side panels get cut then the tea leaf will have to take a while to cut each strand.
    Look into a floor anchor through the floor to a concrete base or a bucket of cement with an upturned d lock to make an anchor.
    The lock should be in a padlock protector to keep it from the elements and make it very hard to get a cropper on it

    Hinges for the door should be security screws that cant be undone , the same for any handles/lock clasps and wall anchors if you go with them.

    Dont keep tools in the shed that could be used to remove locks etc
    This is interesting ... t-1-21131/
    I went for one of these in 7x5 and spent a while beefing it up but its more than your budget ... tAodwVkAaQ
    Originally i wanted a concrete solution but i did not have the funds so i had to make the best of it as well as security marking the bikes.
    FCN 3/5/9
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