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Di2 Battery Mount Hole Uncovered

madden2011madden2011 Posts: 142
edited April 2014 in Workshop

I picked up a new Cube Litening the other week and only discovered tonight that the hole, what looks like a hole for a screw, is uncovered underneath the bottom bracket. I cant remember whether there was a cover/screw in place when I got it. I can only assume where the Di2 battery is supposed to go.

Probably a stupid question but I take it there is no problem continuing to ride the bike? Also would I be better off getting a bolt/screw to cover up the hole?

Heres the pic...




  • gethincerigethinceri Posts: 1,198
    Are you sure that's not a drain?
  • Exit hole for a cable is it not?
  • rafletcherrafletcher Posts: 1,235
    No problem with riding it like that.
  • mitchgixer6mitchgixer6 Posts: 729
    That looks like a strange position for a Di2 battery. If it was for the battery there should be 2 holes the same. Does it definitely have a thread in there? Could well be a drain hole as already stated.

    If it is a threaded hole that you want to cover then I can recommend Silicone Tidds
  • Why would there be a problem riding it with a small hole obviously designed into the frame? :D

    No its fine, all Cubes have them, dont block them up as they are also used as drainage holes in case any water enters the frame.
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