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Bottom bracket issues

BadPharmaBadPharma Posts: 2
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This may have already been asked and answered but hopefully someone can help me.
have a old raleigh 12 speed bicycle with a cup and cone BB, noticed a wobble in the crank arms getting worse so left it in halfords (only out of convenience) got it back and <2miles later get home to find it was no better than previous, was back again today and made sure it was tight when I left but felt the same after the same journey home.

any suggestions as to the cause of the returning play?

Thanks in advance.


  • Worn cups and bearings and probably axle. Replace with a complete new bottom bracket. Some will say just replace the bearings, but my experience is that the cups are always worn, and quite often the axle has damage to the bearing surface. It would be more economical in the long run to have it all replaced, especially if you are paying to get the work done.
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