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A New Commuter.....

charliesimpsoncharliesimpson Posts: 175
edited March 2014 in Commuting general
Well after having cycled on and off for a few years I thought about saving some money, getting fitter and losing weight by commuting to work, a 32 mile round trip.

I spent last summer building a 'new old' Genesis Equilibrium with secondhand SRAM Apex groupset. Once I'd built the bike it spent the winter in the new shed!!

Earlier this week I thought 'its now or never'. Off to the LBS to get some new & expensive Etxeondo shorts and I was ready.

Last night I sorted out all my kit in the spare room whilst listening to howling wind and driving rain - ominous sign I thought as my mind drifted to comfy seats, heater and radio c/o of my Vauxhall.

This morning up at 6.30am , quick bite for brekkie and I was off. Rucksack loaded with clothes for work, water bottle.
It was cold but sunny when I left the house at 6.50am. Soon found out that my Garmin was on the blink so no record of ave speed etc.
The ride was great, the saddle wasnt!! (Must put my Charge Spoon back on). After a shower at work at got to my desk at 8.25am with a feeling of smugness that I'd made it and didnt feel too tired or looked washed out.

Quite looking forward to the ride home and the 2 days next week that I can commute in without needing the car.


  • steve6690steve6690 Posts: 190
    I'm toying with the idea of doing the same thing. It's 15 miles each way for me which is do-able I suppose. I work shifts though, so I'm really unsure about using the bike in the early hours when there are tired/pissed drivers on the roads.
  • oxomanoxoman Posts: 10,587
    Steve6690 I commute to work doing a 6 till 6 shift pattern and I find on my way in at 4:30am onwards that I either see very few idiots on the road, most cars that I do see at that time are taxis going home. Wkends are even quieter, afternoon run is a different kettle of fish though, loads of ignorant sods who think it's their God given right to hug the kerb having just got past you then stopping for whatever reason. I tend to ride away from the town and miss as much as possible. Currently do 11miles each way could do less if I wanted, as the nicer weather comes will stretch the distance on early morning commute home. Good luck and enjoy it both off you..
    Too many bikes according to Mrs O.
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