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Going tubeless on Whyte T129s not happening

richardmarchantrichardmarchant Posts: 3
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After some advice/ tips

Decided to go tubeless on my Whyte T129s, which has the WTB TCS system, initially applied new rim tape and put the tires on and inflated with c02 pump, air was escaping form every possible part of the rim, so came to the conclusion that I was doing something wrong.

Started doing some research and found the following review that suggested rim strips were needed:

So have now purchased stand 29er specific xc rim strips ... prod116736 ,

but cannot get the bead to pop on to the rim, IMO because the rim strip is stopping this from happening, I am however managing to get more air into the tyre than with the rim tape, but the tyre still deflates quite quickly.

before I spend any more money on rim strips, tape etc, I would appreciate the input from anyone with experience of going tubeless on the T129s, ( I have also watched countless youtube videos on how to complete the tubeless setup, so am pretty sure I am doing it right, but not neccessarily with the right equipment)

Thanks for your help


  • PaulBoxPaulBox Posts: 1,210
    No experience with your particular rims, but I've been running tubeless on and off for a few years now, having mixed success when it comes to sealing them.

    Recently a mechanic at my lbs told me to spray some muc-off or similar on the tyres to help them seat on the rims (had previously used soapy water), worked a treat, inflated and sealed first time.

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  • POAHPOAH Posts: 3,369
    so before you just tried to put air in the tyres without a tubless rimstrip - that explains why they didn't inflate.

    the rim tube thing you've got is either too wide for your rim or isn't centred properly. get some gorilla tape and wrap it round the rim a few times, put a valve in then try seating the tyre.
  • If tyres are new you could try using a tube first . stans don't recommend Co2 as it reacts I just use a track pump and a lot of soapy water.

    You don't need rim tape and a rim strip . Possible that thickness is too much preventing tyre locating in bead.
  • Thanks for the replies, rims strips were not required, at least not the ones I purchased, narrower ones may have worked, I used rim tape again, but went round the wheel two times, seems to have done the trick
  • BigStu2BigStu2 Posts: 794
    Have the same rims on my new Kona unit and they have the rubbery rimstrip installed from the factory!! so in a couple of hours I will give going tubeless a go myself, haven't had so many pinch flats in years.
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