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TekTro Brake Slow release

zx6manzx6man Posts: 1,092
edited February 2014 in Workshop

Rear brake on Carerra TDF. Brakes are listed as Tektro Alloy caliper brake. After pulling them on, the caliper seems to be slow to release. the front snaps back instantly. Thoughts? Tried the search but not found much.


  • SemantikSemantik Posts: 537
    Do you have full mudguards? If not, it's probably the pivot bolt of the caliper which is crudded up.Or cable is sticking in it's housing. Try releasing the cable at the caliper pinchbolt then move and release the caliper by hand and see if it moves as freely as it should.
  • zx6manzx6man Posts: 1,092
    Yup got full guards. Also removed cable and caliper seems to move freely. Cable looks to be ok in housing, but i havent checked that 100% I will try video it to you tube tomorrow, see what you guys think.
  • rolf_frolf_f Posts: 16,015
    If the caliper is happy when off the cable then it probably is the cables and/or outers. It doesn't require much to provide enough resistance for the caliper to misbehave. How old are the cable outers?
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  • zx6manzx6man Posts: 1,092
    New on the bike 2012, and it has been exposed to the elements a few times this winter when its cover has been blown away by the storms. I will remove them this weekend and replace anyway for a few quid.
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