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Cannondale trail 20?

leannebull65leannebull65 Posts: 7
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My 4 year old is a very big lad. We brought him an Isla cnoc 14 around this time last year and he's starting to look a bit of a giant on it so were looking at getting him a bigger one. He's a couple of cms off the Isla Benin 20 large so was going to wait a month or two. My younger son got a Frog 43 for Christmas and thats just a tad too big so we've switched the eldest on to this for a bit while the younger one gets to grips with the pedals on the isla, so it's brought us a month of two.

Any way, we've been looking and come across the Cannondale trail 20, tho I can't seem to find a weight or any reviews on it. Anyone with any experience or views on it. I'm after moving him from a road to more off road to help build up his confidence a bit. It's either that or the Isla with the mountain bike tyres I've seen thus far. ... loss-black

Thanks in advance



  • baudmanbaudman Posts: 757
    Front suspension* = weight.

    Think about if he really needs it. Most people think they do, when really, they don't. That includes kids.

    The rest of the bike's spec seems OK, although I'd imagine you'd be paying a premium for that 'C' on the front. (Just like you can for the ones with the 'S' on the front too).

    *Low-end suspension forks like these ones are even worse on adult's bikes, as they just suck up energy you put into the pedals - but it's less dire with kids, due to their comparatively lighter weights.
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  • Thanks, we are probably better off getting the isla Benin with the extra mountain bike tyres. I know I can get this in the single speed which was also a bonus as he maybe a big boy but he's still only 4 and won't really understand gears.
  • I would go with the isla Benin. I definitely would not want a multi-speed bike for a 4 year old. My daughter is six and does well with the isla Benin.
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