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BikeRepublic PROMO video

BR-SloveniaBR-Slovenia Posts: 10
edited March 2014 in Road general
Hello dear fellow cyclists,

I think there isn't much amateur cycling team promo videos, so
I would like to introduce you to a short video from our team:

BR is writing a story about everyday people, with ordinary jobs and everyday things to do. This story is about a way of life and places the unavoidable element of movement at the forefront. We understand that the human body is not created for sitting so movement and a healthy lifestyle, are all the more important.

BikeRepublic is a small community spreading a big idea. Our motto is to move and live healthily, as this makes us happy, makes life fuller and makes the challenges of a modern lifestyle easier to handle.
We cycle, and with that we have fun; we compete, we train and we eat healthily.
Join us. Pedal hard and live a life of quality!

We also wonder about feedback, so do us a favour and leave a comment ;) & share the video with your friends.

Thanks, and good luck at your cycling adventures


  • What's up guys? :?: Give me some feedback please :arrow:
  • Garry HGarry H Posts: 6,639
    Very pro looking. nice scenery
  • bianchimoonbianchimoon Posts: 3,942
    Err, nicely produced video but not sure what the aim of it is?
    All lies and jest..still a man hears what he wants to hear and disregards the rest....
  • Great video BR-S ... Like it, a good watch ;)
    Still thinking of something clever to say!
  • Garry H, our headman had a good vision of the scenario. Was a difficult filming because temperatures were like 8 deg. Celzius (46 deg. Fahrenheit). Thanks for positive comment ;)

    bianchimoon, thanks for like and a question. Well we try to inspire population to start cycling (as you know it is a healthy way of life). We also introduce the team&equipment, show landscape...

    Philly8mt, thanks :) glad you enjoyed it.
  • Err, nicely produced video but not sure what the aim of it is?

    Is there a link to a blog also?
    I'm sorry you don't believe in miracles
  • SloppySchleckonds, you can find some informations beneath the video, more informations you'll find or get from
  • ju5t1nju5t1n Posts: 2,028
    A very professional bit of film. I also ride for an amateur cycling team, and I’m just an ordinary man too. But we don’t have a promotional video, or a blog. I’m jealous.
  • Hi ju5t1n :) hehe, well...we're trying our best, share the video with your team management, maybe they''ll get inspired ;)
  • Very cool video guys, I enjoyed watching it. Produce more!
  • What's up guys? :?: Give me some feedback please :arrow:
    Feedback as requested.

    Well produced video
    Good filming
    Good soundtrack
    No idea what you are promoting . You say ordinary people, but you filmed men, all of an athletic age, all in good shape, all good cyclists. I fail to see what is ordinary about that.

    As a result of this video I would not buy anything or join anything.
    If you wanted either of those you have failed.
    If you wanted to entertain me then thanks for the free three minutes.
  • MountainMonster, thanks ;) we certainly will do more cycling/team related videos when the cycling seasion really begins.

    Thanks littledove44 for your point of view! I appreciate you taking the time for a detailed review.
    Perhaps we should highlight targeted segments more, but in fact the whole video is meaningful. I guess someone could call it dull because of it's less-variable scenes. We mainly aimed to promote cycling in general, team and equipment. We're all amateur riders - working 8 to 10 hours per day and spending our free time for being fit.
    We wanted to achieve all three options you mentioned. I'm happy because we didn't fail you entirely ;) Have fun.
  • phil sphil s Posts: 1,128
    Very nicely executed. Was it a team member who filmed or did you hire a crew? If it was a team member, then great work! I would, however, say it's a bit too long and that the graphics style has been overdone now - was Garmin the first to do that with the Le Mevel video and then everyone started doing it? Either way, still nicely executed. If it was someone from your team who produced and filmed it, I'd like to know what cameras you filmed with, what steadi system you used for the shopping mall and car park sequence in particular and what you used for the octocopter shots? Finally, I'm jealous of the resources available to "just an amateur team" :wink:
    -- Dirk Hofman Motorhomes --
  • Hey phil s, thanks for your opinion! We hired a professional crew to help us with filming. Well, we had to make a story - a promising cycler who's waiting on the bridge for us to pass by and then joining the group, is actually joining our team this year, so that's why you could find it a bit long. The equipment and technology used by filming crew is unkown to me, sorry I can't be more helpful. As for the resources, I can tell you that it's awfully demandful task to acomplish all participators satisfaction. Have fun ;)
  • Any more thoughts on the video? :)
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