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Front caliper nut length cube peleton

ArgonDonArgonDon Posts: 16
edited December 2013 in Workshop
Hi , hope someone can help, I'm building a cube peleton r2r frame and forks up, have fitted fsa calipers to front deep section carbon fork buts it's clear I need a deeper nut than the 20mm jobbie they came with, anyone got a cube and can tell me the correct length please, and where to get one!
I can fit the caliper by putting the nut as there is a gap between the front and rear of fork, but I'm guessing not. A good idea as probably puts too much stress on front part of fork ( in case you're perplexed by my fork description, it has a hole at rear, inset for either the Allen key to fit through or for the nut to be seated in, t hen about 25 mm gap before a further hole in other words an exposed area between he front and rear of the faces of the fork, I'm thinking this isn't helping and a picture is needed but hopefully someone unsolder stands my meandering!)



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