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Mehnday Morning Thread...

thekickingmulethekickingmule Posts: 7,957
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Meeeeehhhhning Losers!

Getting up at 5:30 after a week off is lame.

Well, sh1te weekend continues. My cars engine management light is still on, which, after reading the trusty Haynes manual could be that the garage didn't reset the ECU when they fit it. So, hopefully I'll get to leave work early tomorrow to go back to the garage who can fix it. For free. Because I ain't paying £270 to pay any more! :evil:

Today, I have no idea what I'm doing, but I need to find work for 2 minions!

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  • angry_birdangry_bird Posts: 3,784
    Morning bumders

    Determined to get out on the bike at some point and probably go to Cannock, the problem is it's really really really warm and cosy being tucked up in bed still and it seems like a shame to get up.
  • tlw1tlw1 Posts: 19,132
    meeting meh and then overnight beer
  • bg13bg13 Posts: 4,598

    day off for me, gonna hopefully sort some xmas shopping or i might just stay in bed a la Angry bird!

    pip pip
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  • Ah Forums back...

    Today is a slow day with pictures from the Xmas party going round. Highlights being the bumper car show downs! and various other wee things!

    Today is soldier threw the yawns get shite done then head home clean out the gerbils and watch censored !
  • CitizenLeeCitizenLee Posts: 2,227

    Spent forum the downtime having a look on STW....

    Good god what a self-important, picky, snarky, uppity bunch they are! Was a quick reminder why I stopped going there for anything other than classifieds.

    So, good to have BR back! As the saying goes, you don't know what you've got until it's gone :)

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  • Good evening!

    Physics test today. Two sides. The first side i got 100%. Then the second page was a series of questions based on one scenario. I couldnt get the first answer right, and that answer was needed for the rest of that page. So essentially i got 100% on one page, then 0 on the next. What a bummer.

    I came home at around 2:45 today. I didnt think there would be enough daylight to get a ride in. I fancied it, especially because it was wet and i enjoyed my last wet ride. I looked outside around 2 hours later and it just started getting dark. Missed opportunity really. Should have got changed as soon as i came home and went straight out! Ah well. Holidays soon. I have also gained some "intel" on the location of an apparently really good mountain bike track. A few people have told me about it but i cant find it. I should find it next time out.

    I think Kowalski has left the forum now, i thought the ban was lifted by now.
  • ClankClank Posts: 2,323
    I was going to post at 4.30 this morning en-route to the airport, but the forum said 'no'. B*****d.

    Evenin' lickers of windows


    That is all.

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  • Stevo_666Stevo_666 Posts: 44,660
    I think Kowalski has left the forum now, i thought the ban was lifted by now.
    Yep, no motorbikes or lol'ing for a while now.

    Evening Saddle Sniffers,

    It's going to be a tough last week at work, everyone seems to be doing a good impression of headless chickens. Roll on F*****g Friday. At least its the work Christmas party tomorrow so we can get trolleyed for free and laugh at people who can't take their booze :)

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  • tlw1tlw1 Posts: 19,132
    Christmas party beer finished as the bar has closed - £58 for six people was the record round. Regret organising a run for 7am now
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