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Someone drove into the back of me last night

graeme_s-2graeme_s-2 Posts: 3,382
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So while I was cycling home from work last night someone drove into the back of me! I was in a queue of traffic waiting to turn left at a t-junction. When I was the 3rd vehicle from the front, the first car pulled out, everyone moved forwards and stopped and I noticed that the nose of the car behind me was now overlapping my rear wheel which immediately set my spidey sense tingling. The car in front of me then pulled out, I moved forwards, looked right to see a car coming and stopped. The car behind me then pulled forwards and bumped my rear wheel and right calf, but not hard enough to knock me off.

I turned to look at the driver who was already shouting and swearing at me "What the F are you doing, why did you F'ing stop" etc. I explained that I stopped because there's a give way line and there's a car coming (which annoyingly at this point was turning left into the road we were coming out of without having indicated).

I then said to the driver that I wanted his details, he told me to F off, I then read aloud his number plate and told him I would report him to the Police to which he replied "Good luck with that you censored , the car's nicked anyway" and drove off.

Phoned the Police this morning, they've logged that I have an incident to report, but took no details about it and said I need to attend a Police station, which I guess I'll do after work. No damage to me or the bike (which I hadn't assessed at the point when I was asking for his details), so I'm not interested in making a claim, but if the car is stolen I thought the Police might be interested to know where it was at 5:50 last night, and if it's not then they should charge the driver with failing to stop to exchange details.

The stupid thing is if he'd just said "sorry mate I just misjudged it" and pulled over while I checked my bike over like any decent human being would then I'd have just left it at that.


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