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Muc off, @#+* off !

Dudders29Dudders29 Posts: 171
edited November 2013 in Workshop
Muc Off, what an utter crock of shite. Only just beats plain water, only just mind. Cant believe all the marketing stuff on this rubbish.


  • I've found SDOC100 gel shifts stuff that I didn't believe would shift ie hardened baked on chain lube and brake dust crud off a unwashed M'bike, Should clean most if not all things pushbikey. Ps you can dilute it to make it go further, alledgedly Heine Gerick did a own brand wash gel that was just as good though my own tests says not and H-G have reduced their footprint significantly across UK but it was hugely cheaper so if theres one local it may be worth a look.
  • Have used MucOff for years on mountain bikes, road bikes and even car alloy wheels.

    Works fine for me, no problems whatsoever.
  • edtenedten Posts: 228
    water and a dash of washing up liquid has always worked for me. Used it for years and never had any issues with bearings etc though I don't splash it around wheel hubs. Park tools chianbright for cleaning the chain and cassette.
  • RiggaRigga Posts: 939
    Another one for Sdoc 100 here, awesome stuff!
  • Washing up liquid here, then Fenwicks expanding foam to clean cassettes and chains, works a treat.
  • elderoneelderone Posts: 1,410
    Agree muc off is censored , use car wash and wax now. Btw washing u liquid has salt in it so rinse well.
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  • Works fine for me (spray, wait 30 seconds, wipe with cloth, rinse off).

    Muck off spray on the frame etc and any old degreaser for the tough stuff.
  • What? Spray on, leave 30 seconds, rinse off. WAY better than water alone.
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