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Chris King Hubs (Noisy) ?

desertman01desertman01 Posts: 89
edited November 2013 in Workshop
Looking at having a set of Hed C2 wheels built up. I can get a great deal at the moment with the CK R45 hubs but have read some comments on here that they are horrendously noisy.
Should I pay extra for Royce hubs or is the sound not too bad?
Thanks - Mick.


  • This is a non issue. The pawls engage on a ratchet with 48 teeth, therefore the pitch is a bit higher when you freewheel than saying a Novatec that has 27 teeth. If the noise is too loud, you can change lubrication and use a slightly thicker grease. But really, seeing freewheel noise as an issue is not a good starting point, as all good quality freehubs are a bit noisy.
  • marcusjbmarcusjb Posts: 2,412
    Ride fixed wheel if you're overly worried about free wheel noise.

    I run royce and they are reasonably loud - depends whether I've injected grease into the free hub recently or not. I've friends with Chris Kings and they do make a unique sound for sure.

    It is a non issue in reality. You get used it. The royce is very good when approaching animals in the road (pheasants, rabbits etc.) - just ease off and freewheel, soon gets them running away.
  • Possible alternatives? Dura Ace hubs are quiet and they seem to be good quality and also some of the Easton hubs, though I'm not sure about those now.
  • FatTedFatTed Posts: 1,205
    I have C2 rims with CK R45 hubs, noise is not an issue. They do not make the noise the Mtb ones make.
    Not sure how these sound bites matter when out on the road.
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