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Swapping between campag and shimano freehubs

John1boyJohn1boy Posts: 15
edited November 2013 in Workshop
Hello all

I currently have Fulcrum Racing 7s which I use on my bike with tiagra. I just purchased some chinese 50mm carbon clinchers with a campag freehub for my bike with chorus. I was hoping to be able to easily swap the campag and shimano freehubs over so I could run whatever wheels I feel like at the time.

However after just removing the freehubs I found that the Fulcrum axel was much thinner than the axel on the carbon wheels (Novatec hubs I think) so I couldn't put the shimano casette on the fulcrum wheels (and vice-versa).

So, I was wondering what my options were. Do I need to buy a new campag freehub, that would fit the fulcrums and a new shimano freehub, that would fit the carbon wheels (and if so which ones?) or is there something I can get that makes this much easier?

Thanks for reading!


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