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Triban 3 Brake Caliper Fitting problem

kitsunegarikitsunegari Posts: 131
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Wondering if any of you folks can help with a problem. I'm trying to mount break calipers to the frame but the front fork has a crown in the thread housing, and as a result I can't get the bolt I need a longer bolt than comes as standard with Shimano groupsets?


  • sungodsungod Posts: 13,771
    not sure what you mean by "crown in the thread housing"

    presumably you've removed the old brakes, how were they attached? is the old brake retaining nut still in the hole?
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  • It's a new frame with new calipers, so no previous setup to compare with.

    Can't really think how to describe it. Where the caliper bolt sits in the frame, and the nut goes in the other side of the fork, there is a lip inside the bolt opening that prevents the bolt from entering enough for the bolt to engage. So either the bolt is too short, or do I need to get a different nut?
  • trooperktrooperk Posts: 189
    Are you sure it the front caliper nut you’re using as the rear has a shorter nut, if the nut you have is too short then you just have to get a longer one, had to use a 25mm one not long ago for some carbon road forks.
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  • arlowoodarlowood Posts: 2,527
    Take a look at these:- ... prod18239/

    Two (22mm and 30mm) lengths available - you just need to work out which will suit best based on the size of your existing nut and the extra bulk of your mudguard bracket etc.
  • Yep looks like the 30mm one is needed, cheers!
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