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Wandsworth Council - well done!

tgotbtgotb Posts: 4,714
edited October 2013 in Commuting chat
Those of you who ride along Lower Richmond Road may be familiar with the bent barrier at the edge of the pavement opposite the petrol station (just after the pedestrian crossing as you head towards Putney Bridge). It was damaged, maybe as much as a year ago, and protruded into the road sufficiently that a cyclist forced into the gutter by a passing car could potentially clip their bars on it.

It's been irritating me for ages, so last week I finally got my a*se in gear and reported it via Wandsworth Council's website, pointing out that it was a potential hazard to cyclists. I honestly didn't expect much to happen, but this morning I saw that it's been replaced by a shiny new barrier, less than a week after I reported it. Well done Wandsworth Council!
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