Front fork Issue Help solve the crime HAHA

rorylofthouserorylofthouse Posts: 6
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I know the title is misleading but its hard to describe is such a short title

Ok so i have a dawes hard tail 2011 bike only really getting ridden to work mainly road work and slight bit of hardcore pathing & under 1/2 mile x4 daily.

Recently the front forks feel as what i can only describe as say 5/6mm of empty space before they soak up any bumps, its quite a harsh bump and bang when it happens.

The forks are RST Gilas so i appreciate that they are only a really cheap fork but if i can solve this then i'd be over the moon.

The allen bolt at the headset is tight and it doesn't feel like any movement in the head set, so can only put this down to a fork issue, any help would be appreciated



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