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BHF Robin Hood bike ride

Antm81Antm81 Posts: 1,406
edited October 2013 in XC and Enduro
I've just registered for this in October ... -ride.aspx

I originally wanted to do the ride in the Peak District but I'm out of the country until a couple of days before and can't rely on being back in time.

I'm planning on doing the 40 mile route, anybody else attending? Anybody got any training tips as I've currently not got access to a bike just the gym.



  • Antm81Antm81 Posts: 1,406
    Less than 3 weeks to go, currently only had one ride in the last 7 months due to being away on operations with the army.

    I'm giving up a chunk of my hard earned leave (the first I've had this year) to help raise money for a good cause. Any donations would be gratefully received, my just giving page can be found here

  • Antm81Antm81 Posts: 1,406
    Well today was the big day, the longest ride I've done in at least 2 years due to work etc. Started well, smashing the first 25 miles pretty quick before hitting a wall and having to really push till the end. Finished in a shade over 4 hours so I don't think it was too bad in the end. Also realised after 30 odd miles that when I changed the front tyre earlier in the week I might of put it on the wrong way whilst in a bit of a rush :oops:
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