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What measurements to take when changing frame

mitchgixer6mitchgixer6 Posts: 729
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Hi all.

I'm going to be changing my frame soon, upgrading to a more race orientated model. Both frames are 54's and I'm just wondering what measurements I should be taking to get a base for fit on the new frame?

I've taken center of bb to top of saddle, centre of bb to saddle rails and tip of saddle to centre of bars.

Is there anything else I should be noting down before I strip the frame?



  • Vertical distance - top of bars to top of saddle.
    Amount of front-back horizontal tilt of saddle.

    Jay Kosta
    Endwell NY USA
  • Thanks Jay, I'll add those 2 to my list.
  • keef66keef66 Posts: 13,123
    Assuming you're using the same saddle on both bikes, I'd also drop a plumb line from the tip of the saddle and record how far behind the BB it is. That's the one thing I wish I'd recorded when doing a frame swap.
  • Again thanks for that. Yes will be using the same saddle so that's another one on the list. I suppose that's a good measurement to compliment the saddle to bars one m
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