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2013 Cube Peloton cmpt

Mr_GMr_G Posts: 53
edited September 2013 in Your road bikes
This is my new 2013 Cube Peloton. I was previously a Mbtr but shortly after my daughter was born I sold my bike thinking I’d never have the time to ride. That was 5 years ago and I’ve regretted every day since selling up.
I have recently started a new job who offered the Cycle Scheme and I could join whenever I wanted and in the second week I took the plunge.

It was a difficult decision buying a road bike over a Mtb, however I’m glad I did now. I can just jump on and go with very little preparation, unlike riding Mtb where I’d need to load up the car and drive somewhere to get any decent use out of her. And I’m happy to say I have ridden to work pretty much every day since buying (receiving) the bike.



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