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Sram Jockey wheel bolt sizes

RichR2RichR2 Posts: 131
edited October 2013 in Workshop
Does anyone know if Sram Red uses the same jockey wheel bolt sizes as Sram Force ie M4 and M5 as I've rounded off my bolts and have been struggling to find replacements.

Sram only see fit to supply the bolts as part of a whole cage assembly at over £50..........not what I call great after sales support.

I've found some for Sram Red but just want to check they have two different sizes like Force and are not like Shimano and both M5



  • sungodsungod Posts: 13,866
    you could try using a hacksaw to cut slots in the top of the damaged screws

    otherwise go to lbs and see if they've got a couple in the parts bin from an old rear mech that they'll sell you, or give as a freebie if you buy something else
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  • RichR2RichR2 Posts: 131
    Already been to all lbs but no joy. Good tip using hacksaw which I'll try.

    What I really want to do is replace the bolts. I can get some Sram red, just need to know if they will fit Sram force
  • team47bteam47b Posts: 6,424
    If you still have the old ones then measure the diameter of the threaded part to determine the size using this handy chart wot I made for you :D

    M4 = Metric 4mm diameter
    M5 = Metric 5mm diameter
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  • RichR2RichR2 Posts: 131
    Thanks for the handy chart, but I know they are M4 and M5.

    What I want to know are Sram Red the same ?
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