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Sticky 105 5700 Shifter

nscott1463nscott1463 Posts: 2
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Hi Everyone! I am working on building up an older bike and when I went to install the shifters, the right shifter (which is a 5700 105) wouldn't return to the normal position once pulled as if braking. The shifter mech seems to work fine, its just once the brake lever is pulled, the lever won't return. I tried it without cables and with new Jagwire racer cables and housing and still had the same result. Any help!? Thanks!


  • YossieYossie Posts: 2,600
    Flood with GT85/WD if it still doesn't work smash it with a hammer then throw it into next door's garden and replace with D/A in the sales from Merlin for tuppence ha'penny. Its only 105 anyway. But then again, its better than Ultegra.

    Also check all pivot points, make sure none of the rubber hood is catching, etc.
  • unixnerdunixnerd Posts: 2,864
    Flood with GT85/WD

    +1, I fixed an old set of RSX levers this ways and years later they're still fine. - Quality Binoculars at a Sensible Price.
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  • Pull back the hood spray with degreaser let it work for a bit then flush with gt 85 leave for a bit to evaporate then apply some light grease to the shifter this worked for me.
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