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Hutchinson Fusion 2 tyres - feedback?

cmhill79cmhill79 Posts: 135
edited September 2013 in Road general
Hi I've just bought a new bike and it came with the above tyres which I haven't used before. Has anyone tried them? If so, what feedback can you provide? My main issue is avoiding punctures. I've been riding on Maxxis Refuse for the last 18 months and they have been outstanding.
Thanks in advance!


  • JackPozziJackPozzi Posts: 1,191
    I had a pair supplied on a bike I bought a while back. Used them for a couple of rides but didn't like them and found the grip to be terrible so swapped them out fairly quickly.
  • Yeah I must say a lot of reviews aren't very flattering. Talk of side wall giving way. What exactly does that mean? What are you running on now?
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