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Stem length

Mullet52Mullet52 Posts: 45
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Currently have a 130mm(standard) stem. But cant get comfy, feel too stretched and one of the club riders said I looked a little stretched out. So next step is getting a shorter stem. Where do I start. Is going to a 100mm stem going to be too much of a jump? I'm looking at getting a 110mm or 100mm. Or is this pointless and I should go smaller?


  • me-109me-109 Posts: 1,593
    10mm makes quite a difference in stem length. Stems also come in different angle rises and can be fitted both ways up, increasing the options for each stem. Without knowing how stretched that is difficult to guess a size and maybe only a professional fitter would guess right by eye. I'd say go for 110 first, but buy as cheap /secondhand as you can until you know what size you want. There are plenty out there.
  • doug5_10doug5_10 Posts: 465
    A decent LBS should have a random selection of junk stems for you to try before you buy something of the correct length.
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  • HebdenBikerHebdenBiker Posts: 787
    Get a used 110mm on eBay and see how you get on. You can resell it again if it's not right
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