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upload from cateye sync, half of ride missing!

Mogsy23Mogsy23 Posts: 17
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i hope somebody can help me here, I've just recently got a cateye stealth 50 and am having an issue with uploading data to the site.

I went on a ride today, stopped for a coffee midway through, then rode home, my understanding is that the unit goes to standby when it stops moving for 10 mins and then starts again when it starts to move again. I did this and the unit continued to give readings all the way home, just as expected. I have just come to upload it and when i boot up cateye sync, the ride is there on the unit, showing the full mileage of 64.4 miles which is exactly right, and the right elapsed time. However, when i upload it to cateyeatlas or strava it only shows the ride up to the point where i stopped for my coffee.

Any ideas what I'm doing wrong???? Any thoughts appreciatted.


  • steconnorsteconnor Posts: 2
    I've been having the same issue for the past few weeks. Zyro are Cateye's agent in UK ( Get in contact with them. Apparently its a known software issue thats going to take a few weeks to resolve. Can't understand why it takes so long to resolve, its a pain because its a great bike computer.
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