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heart rate and breathing

freeride-mikefreeride-mike Posts: 552
after some advice recently got back in the saddle and have put a fare bit of weight on so i know im not gonna be super fit but when im out for ride it seems my respiration is my problem physically i can ride for some time normal muscle burn etc i can deal with but my breathing seems to hold me back once out of breath i struggle alot (climbs mostly) in most cases having to stop for a little while to allow my breathing to slow and heart rate to lower, im not asmatic and dont have any medical conditions its just annoying as i know i can do more if only i could calm my breathing, any suggestions on things i could try or am i pushing to hard to fast?
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  • turnerjohnturnerjohn Posts: 1,069
    you said you put on weight ?....thats probably the biggest factor and that will improve the more riding you do.
    take your time getting back to it and dont push yourself to hard from the start.
    let the body warm up fully, do some deep breaths and breath from the diaphram rather then the chest...again easier when the weight comes off. breathing from the chest will wear you out faster as your using the wrong muscles and your lungs aren't getting enough oxygen into them. try some stretching of your chest and open out your shoulders, don't slutch on the bars either......will take time but your find it easier the more you do
  • YeehaaMcgeeYeehaaMcgee Posts: 5,740
    Just keep riding, your body will start to work better over time. The leg burn is more than likely linked to the breathing issue too, your muscles need oxygen, bad vascular system means not enough oxygen, which means muscle aches.
  • njee20njee20 Posts: 9,613
    ^^ this
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