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Brake pad fitting confusion

stitch666stitch666 Posts: 4
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I have a giant tcr1 which I thought had tektro540 calipers however they have no markings on them. I bought some kool stop pads but the pad seems completely different. It appears the pad should slide into something. When I remove the current pads (shimano r50t2) they are just one solid lump with a screw thread in the middle - there's nothing to slide in or out.

What have I done wrong? Have I mis identified the caliper? Need some sort of brake shoe, or bought the wrong kool stop pads?




  • sungodsungod Posts: 14,462
    seems likey that you've misidentified the calipers

    if the old pads are r50t2, that's these... ... prod30132/

    if you can figure out which calipers you actually have then probably you can get some holders to take cartridge pads
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  • YossieYossie Posts: 2,600
    You need the shoes that the pads slide into - no great shakes, its just that with (no offence intended) lower end calipers they come with single block pads such as the ones you have and higher end stuff (and by this I mean starting at 105 or SRAM/Campy equivalent) come with holders that take replaceable pads (such as the ones you have bought).

    Easiest thing is to either ask someone if they have a spare pair of holders kicking around or buy some really cheap holders and pads (Clarkes do a set that actually brake really well for a fiver or so on Chain Reaction) then just pop the cheap pads out, fit the Kool Stops and le voila.
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