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Cube LTD Pro 29 upgrade

Meskis1995Meskis1995 Posts: 7
edited June 2013 in MTB buying advice
I have Cube LTD Pro 29 ... -29-black/

I could spend about 300 euros on new parts. Which parts of my bike should I change? Could you recommend something specific?


  • supersonicsupersonic Posts: 82,708 Lives Here
    First question would be: is any area specifically letting you down?
  • kammybearkammybear Posts: 500
    I have the same bike.

    It's already pretty well specced with SLX and XT all round.

    What I've upgraded are:

    XT brakes - £110 from Rose
    SAINT flat pedals - £35
    Carbon 3T 80mm Stem and handlebar at 640mm as 720mm was too wide. £50 from AliExpress China
    FSA Carbon seatpost £25 from AliExpress

    The only thing I'm looking to change in future is XT shifters instead of SLX and maybe a Charge Spoon saddle

    All less than £300. IMO the only thing that really needs changing is the pedals...
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