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Di2 Problem - Not changing gear

Dean01UKDean01UK Posts: 3
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Any help appreciated on this: Battery charged, lights work on junction box and allows rear adjustment with red light and self-diagnostic with flashing red. After that though there's no response from shift levers, gears and dérailleur. It will perhaps shift a few times, but in seconds it goes dead again/ non-responsive. It will keep responding to adjustment and self- diagnostic though. Weird, but hopefully a simple explanation. Similar posts of a similar problem don't quite match. Thanks


  • Is the battery charged?
  • Bar ShakerBar Shaker Posts: 2,313
    If the battery is fully charged, my money is on a bad connection. Might be worth taking it back to your LBS or, if you fitted it yourself, finding someone with the diagnostic kit.
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  • snakedocsnakedoc Posts: 200
    I had a similar problem - shifting would work fine initially, and then it would be more sproradic, and finally just refusing to shift-

    It turned out the firmware on each separate component was not all the same and this was the route of my problem (this was after the dealer had replaced various bits under warranty, but the problem remained).
    After updating each component's firmware, it was fine.

    Maybe get your LBS to check this out?
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