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GT Karakoram or Fuji Nevada

ChrisP3ChrisP3 Posts: 17
edited June 2013 in MTB buying advice

I've just begun looking for a new bike to replace my old GT Timberline. I've been reading about the 29ers and fancy giving one a go. So far I've narrowed it down to these 2 which are both around £500 after a £100ish discount

I was originally looking at a Decathlon Rockrider but want to use the cycle to work scheme which I believe Decathlon don't offer.

My last 2 bikes have been GT and they've lasted well, don't know much about Fuji but thought the components were a bit higher spec than the GT. I am open to other ideas as well though.

My other question was regarding size, for my last bike I was measured in the shop and ended up with what was supposed to be the correct size me (5' 11''), this was a size up from my previous bike but I did feel more comfortable and in more control on the older / smaller frame bike. According to recommendations, I should go with large for the GT and 19'' for the Fuji but would be tempted to go with medium or 17''. Are there likely to be any problems with getting a smaller than recommended bike?




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