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Dura Ace BB

insouciantinsouciant Posts: 4
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Hi all,

I've just removed my FSA MegaExo BB and installed a Dura Ace BB, but it's seems a very tight fit with the FSA Gossamer chainset.

I was told it'd be fine, but I had to really force the spindle through the BB and it's not fully inserted.

It's about half a centimetre out on the driveside, so it's causing an issue with my chain line.

Is it just a case of giving it a whack to make it go through that tiny amount more?

I obviously don't want to hit it too hard in case I damage the BB.



  • smidsysmidsy Posts: 5,273
    Why the desire to change BB if you are keeping the chainset?
    Yellow is the new Black.
  • The FSA BB was terrible and unfathomably expensive to replace.

    Had started to develop knocks and had play in it, and that seems to be a regular occurence for others who use it, so I was told I'd be able to install a Dura Ace one [cheaper and better] and keep the chainset.
  • Panic over...

    I just decided to hit it harder than what seemed reasonable... and it worked. :)
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