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Fork suspension Rockshox Reba RL problem?

jorgelopesjorgelopes Posts: 35
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I finally tested my bicycle after install all components. Everything was ok except the suspension which start to bleed oil from both sides after 1 hour riding:



I send an email to the seller and he answer this:
Hi Jorge,
our mechanic say that it could be that the fork was a little overfilled. So just use it and the oil which is to much will came out.
The function should not be affected. Just clean it and watch it how it goes on.

Is this normal? Did someone had this experience?



  • nicklousenicklouse Posts: 50,675 Lives Here
    there are two foam rings under the top "seal" and on new freshly oiled forks this can happen.

    wipe down as needed and it should sort itself out quite soon.

    if it continues or if the ammount get greater it could be a problem but I dont think it will do.
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  • jorgelopesjorgelopes Posts: 35

    Thank you!
  • stubsstubs Posts: 5,001
    Yes just wipe it away. Dont let it sit there too long or the oil and grit will turn into grinding paste and take the anodising off and thats an expensive fix. I put a drop of teflon oil on my fork seals after every ride just let it soak into the seals for a couple of minutes then pump the forks and it will bring all the grit out and then you can wipe the ring of muck off.
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  • jorgelopesjorgelopes Posts: 35
    Thanks for the advice.
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