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Fork upgrade - Sektor/Pike/...?

zazerzazer Posts: 29
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I'm looking to upgrade the Marzocchi AM4s I have on my 2007 Specialized P. All Mountain. Spent a few hours now browsing everything and I'm just getting confused.

The specs of the current fork are:
Marzocchi AM4, 130mm, 32mm alloy stanchions, alloy steerer, coil spring w/ air assist, rebound adjustment, magnesium lowers, standard axle dropout.

I would like - 140mm travel, adjustable down to 100/110mm - this is my only bike, its got to be able to do everything. There is a 4x track nearby that I'm riding a fair bit, hence the need for forks that can be adjusted lower. I do a fair bit with the bike currently and can only see improvements if I add another 10mm of travel (I have seen the same bike with bigger forks and there have been no issues with the extra travel).

Weight is not really an issue, I *think* the current forks weigh 2.3kg, anything else will surely be lighter?

Being a student I am on a tight budget and happy to consider second hand options, which currently are:
Rockshox Pikes 454 Ebay
Rockshox Sektor - Dual-position Coil, 140-110mm Rockshox Website

Any other suggestions for forks that would fit the needs I have?
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