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enduro race newby..

stanny_ukstanny_uk Posts: 147
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Whats the deal with enduro. Considering out first.. we ride trail centres most weekend and fancy next not super fit racing snakes but like some nice down action so thought enduro miggt be up our street.. looked at enduro1 and ukgravityenduro.. we just dont wanna pick wrong events and look silly in amognst seasoned pro...


  • NorthwindNorthwind Posts: 14,675
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    1st rule is, don't worry! Sure there's proper pros but there's also lots of total knobbers. The big appeal of enduro is that it's seriously inclusive- it's hard, but it's more like a normal bike ride and it's still great fun even if you're 20 minutes off the fastest time.

    The UK Gravity Enduro events are really well run now, but they're big rides too- you don't need to be super-fit but you need to be decently fit. Also, the stages are tricky, frinstance at innerleithen they use techy purpose-built enduro trails and downhill trails and only small bits of trailcentre. So you've got to be a fair bike handler.

    I'm alright, so I get on OK. Your average red-route-then-collapse rider probably wouldn't. But, difficulty varies, some are shorter and less challenging but should still be rewarding. Depends what you're after.
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  • motdocmotdoc Posts: 97
    Have fun.

    I came last in trans Provence, completely out of my depth. But loved every minute, apart from the occasional pain and fear of dying. The people were amazing and I think most enduros would be the same.

    It is what you make it :) Take some whiskey in a flask.
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  • scottfitzscottfitz Posts: 283
    Give the enduro1 a go then if you like it step up to the UK Gravity enduro. Where are you based? Here is a calander of most of the GE:! ... ,gb,ie/sd/

    also not on the list: ... oTour/2958
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