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Voodoo hoodoo 2013/14 new model

JonesNickJonesNick Posts: 33
edited May 2013 in MTB general
I've noticed the halfords site now have the 2013/14 model.. Anyone seen the new model?? It does look slightly different in colour.
I am asking as I am looking into buy a hoodoo shortly but want the best out of the two. ... yId_165499

Cheers guys


  • anj132anj132 Posts: 299


    Toe clips... wtf?
  • DarlophilDarlophil Posts: 16
    Just got my Hoodoo on Friday which was the previous model (its clear now why most stores were running out of stock).

    From the link the spec looks pretty much the same with the exception of the paint job and it also looks like it doesn't have the remote lock-out feature.

    I think I'm glad I got the version I ended up with.
  • JonesNickJonesNick Posts: 33
    Think I may have to purchase the older model which looks the better of the two
  • JonesNickJonesNick Posts: 33
    How you finding your new hoodoo?
  • DarlophilDarlophil Posts: 16
    Its been great so far. Its quite a jump up for me as I'd gone from a cheap apollo with what was clearly 'pretend' suspension forks.

    I haven't taken it to proper trails yet as it was bank holiday and I reckoned Hamsterley would be rammed so that will be next weekend.

    All the components work smoothly and accurately and the remote lock-out works well, I thought it would be a bit fiddly and not really needed over a regular lock out but not at all.

    A great bike that will hopefully give the confidence to improve my riding as the apollo would often start to lose parts when i started thinking of red routes!
  • JonesNickJonesNick Posts: 33
    Good stuff hope to buy mine ASAP. As halfords are running out of the old model very quick.
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