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Chamonix, advise Kit, tips, Anything please

Potsie2518Potsie2518 Posts: 25
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Ive just booked a holiday to Chamonix in August with my Brother for his 18th Birthday. We have completed the Beast in Coed Y Brenin and Skyline at Afan Forest with no problems and we were comfortable with those routes.

Has anyone got any hints and tips for the area? The best routes to take?

Also we have been told its another level of Riding out there, we already wear knee pads at the moment, would we need any more protection? (i do know its whatever the riders competent at tackling, but once again ive never ridden out there and dont know how techinical itll be. Wouldnt want to arrive there and have to pay full price when i could get some cheaper deals now)

Kit wise, i do have a Top peak twin head valve pump but to be fair its pants! Ive noticed some people carrying massive trail track pumps in there daysacks, is it worth buying one of them? Are there smaller ones of them anyone could advise?

any other information about best campsites or things you thought would have made life easier would be much appreciated (even if its small).

cheers if you can help



  • tomw_ntomw_n Posts: 8
    Hi, looks like you're stoked about your trip!

    Gear wise depends on what you're looking to do. It'd be silly to expect to do a DH week with just kneepads, just as it'd be unnecessary to do an XC week with a 661 jacket and fullface. Most enduro riders here wear kneepads and elbow guards, the DH riders add the jacket.

    Your pump will work, but I'd recommend a set of thick reinforced tyres around 2.1/2.3 and freeride tubes or you can expect to snakebite a lot. The trails here demand quite a lot of riding finesse to ride fast...if you're not that 'light' when you ride, but still want to zip down quick, you can definitely expect punctures. You shouldn't need to cart a track pump around, although it will make air refills faster of course.

    Depending on what rotor size you are running you may need to change them too...200 upfront and 180 out back seems to be the norm. Stock up on brake pads and bring a mech hanger.

    Trails wise then is fifteen quid delivered, although don't buy on my recommendation since I wrote it and am thus very biased. But to my knowledge it's the only one that exists, google it a bit if you like.

    Camping...the one by the hospital is good, as is the Mer de Glace in Les Praz. If you want something a bit nicer try the Vert Hotel, Yeti Lodge, Mountain Highs or the Snostation self catered apartments.

    August is not a brilliant time to come since the trails are full of walkers and you have to head off the beaten track a little to get any kind of flow going. But with a little organisation and thought you can still have fun.

    Have fun!
  • Potsie2518Potsie2518 Posts: 25
    Thank you so much for your reply! Such great detail. I've just ordered the book, looking forward to having a good read.

    Thanks again just ordered the elbow pads lol.
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