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Best Package Mountain Bike Holidays?

peteni12peteni12 Posts: 4
edited May 2013 in Holidays
This may have already been covered if so please provide a link.

Is there a company that provide an "all-inclusive" package mtb holidays?

When i say all inclusive I am referring to lift passes, equipment hire, flights + transfers, accommodation as opposed to food and drink. Can be catered self catered etc.


  • I was in a branch of co-op travel t'other day. I noticed some brochures for "mountains in the summer" which specified mountain biking on the cover. Noticed Morzine was in there. I would think you would get flights, accomodation and lift passes through them, then you'd just need to hire a bike i s'pose. Don't know how competitive they'd be compared to specialist packages like you find advertised in the mtb magazines.
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