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Bike Bag Suggestions

islwynislwyn Posts: 650
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Hi guys,

I'm going on my first 'cycling holiday', it's only 4 days (Staying in Hotels) so my luggage will be minimal, literally flip flops, underwear, few t shirts and a little bike kit.

This could all easily fit into a backpack but I'd rather not as that would just be a nasty sweaty mess and annoying, could anyone please link a bag that would work? I'm unsure if a 'rack' would be too much? I hear there's something that can come off the seat post or rails?

Thank you.

Would something like this work? ... r-bracket/


    Spot on idea using the Carradice quick release, but suggest going for the camper longflap 25ltr saddlebag . I picked mine up from SJS Cycles,its ace. ... r-prod606/
  • islwynislwyn Posts: 650
    Would this 25ltr one also work with a mount?

    Like this? ... ft-system/
  • pdstsppdstsp Posts: 1,264
    Second the carradice range but if you are travelling that light you may want to look at the carradice barley - its much smaller but I have used it on credit card tours with no problem. I put clothes in a compression bag inside the barley, once this is done up it packs very small, sundries round the compression bag, topeak morph strapped to the D rings on top of the bag, together with jacket and bobs your uncle.

    As support I use ... bag-mount/ - though mine is a year or so old and doesn't have the two struts attaching to the seat stays - presumably these are to stop the thing moving about, though with the low weight I carry this hasn't been a problem anyway. The bag attached to the mount and clips on and off in a couple of seconds.

    Completely agree about the backpack - I did a four day tour in South West France last year with two mates one of whom used a back pack despite our advice. On the last morning he finally admitted that he was in severe pain from the sweaty rubbing and general unsuitability of the thing!!
    Would this 25ltr one also work with a mount?

    Like this? ... ft-system/

    Yes its what I use
  • Mikey23Mikey23 Posts: 5,306
    I am doing the same for a week starting tomorrow doing credit card stuff up the loire valley on ev6. I am using a topeak seatpost beam with a box attached which is about the size of a shoe box and holds about 8 litres which is plenty for clothes. Also a topeak handlebar bag for all the other bits like toiletries, phone, iPod etc. about 5 litres and I think this will be adequate. Minimal weight and shouldnt restrict too much. Have taken a back pack before ... Never again!
  • Mikey23Mikey23 Posts: 5,306
    Beware of seat post mounts with carbon posts btw. I am told its not a good idea!
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