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Lapierre raid 200/Carrera Kraken

DarlophilDarlophil Posts: 16
edited April 2013 in MTB buying advice
Having initially getting a cheapo apollo bike (following years of not riding bike and wanting to make sure I wasn't going waste hundreds on a decent bike and stop riding after a few months), I have decided that after 3 years or so I've had all the milage I can get out of it and its time to look towards a decent entry level bike.

I've so far narrowed it down to two bikes but to be honest I'm not clued up to the differences between say a suntour XCM and a XCR fork, so i'd find any advice useful.

The two bikes i'm looking at are as the title states, Lapierre raid 200 and Carrera Kraken.

The kraken is just over £400 at the moment and the lapierre just over £500. I might be able to get a discount on the lapierre but a) not sure how much yet and b) not sure if the extra cost is worth it for the 'brand'.

The main differences I could find between the two are listed below so it would be interesting to hear any advice/critisisms on the bikes.

Lapierre raid 200

Frame 6061 alu
Fork Suntour XCM
Travel 100mm
Gear mech Shimano M190/360
Brakes Shimano M395 hydraulic

Carrera Kraken

Frame 7005 alu
Fork XCR-D
Travel 120mm
Gear mech SRAM X5
Brakes Clarks skeletal hudraulic



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