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Fold-up advice for newbie

JJT98JJT98 Posts: 2
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Hi all

Looking for some advice for somebody who hasn't been on a bike in 4 years! My employer is part of the cycle2work scheme and I'm looking to get a fold-up to commute 4.5 miles to work. Needs to fit in my car. The scheme means I must buy from Halfords. I have a budget of £450. I didn't want to go for a poorly made, cheap option - but also can't afford anything at the top end. The ride is fairly flat and easy, with a steep hill at the end. My bus pass expires in 7 weeks, so on or before then I want to be riding to and from work.

The bike I am considering is the Dahon Vitesse V8 - ... yId_165577

It looks a bit more substantial than some of the others in this price bracket, but that may indicate lower quality, not sure. Can't find many reviews online and looking for some pro opinions.

Much appreciated.


  • I'm looking at buying a Brompton on the cyclescheme. I've read. A fair bit about folders while doing that and the general consensus is that the Dahon is a good bike for the money. Try googling for it and you should find plenty of opinions.
  • IanLDIanLD Posts: 423
    Dahon are a well established make and with the new distribution set up, hopefully will have decent back up again.

    I've got a Tern Verge P18, which is related to Dahons due to the family having a split. Very pleased with it although I still prefer my full size bikes.

    It folds down and easily goes in the boot without rear seats being folded down. In saying that, I used to be able to get two mountain bikes and their wheels in the Saab I used to have without folding down rear seats or removing parcel shelf.

    Not sure what kind of car you have. I've regularly transported my mudguard equipped hybrid inside the car with both wheels on and only had to fold down rear seats. If I hadn't moved office (not through choice), I would still be using full size.

    If you do need a folder, then for the money, Dahon or Tern are your best bets. The model you are looking at has mudguards which I would say are essential.
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